Andy Samberg

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Officially Picked Up By NBC!

The yearly slaughter is well underway and it has become a time of year that should perhaps become an official holiday. There’s a bit more sharpening of the ax to do this year though, and series ...

Hotel Transylvania 2 Trailer – Drac Is Back

The Hotel Transylvania 2 Trailer seems to give a good idea of the fun the sequel will offer, which will hopefully translate to the popularity it will likely deserve.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Won An Award, And Then Shit Got Real… The Video

The cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine are really impressed with themselves, and they've all turned Diva! Jerks.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review – Samberg Takes Cops For A Ride

On September 17th, SNL‘s Andy Samberg is going to try to sell you on cop comedy, and it’s about as tough a game as coming up with a┬áBrooklyn Nine-Nine Review. I suspect he’s going to...

9 Amazing

Andy Samberg And Creators Dan Goor And Mike Schur Talk Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The star and creators talk about their new show, eat beef jerky, and Andy learns something at the end.

The To Do List Pushes Green Band Trailer Following Red Band Release

The To Do List green band makes for an interesting comparison, and a lesson in how to sell.

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