Live By Night Review

Live by Night is the kind of effort that should have any fan of mob pictures cheering all the way home. It has most of the pieces, and a story that you’ll like more than the actual film, but it’s like listening to a good story with earmuffs on. Sure, in the end you still heard a good story, but the telling becomes irritating and boring. There’s a haze over what you’re watch...

Are You Screening? Podcast Ep. 203 – Live By Night, Manchester by the Sea & More

It's a crazy mix as we try to catch up, and do a bad job frankly.

Justice League Gives Us A Look At Batman, Wonder Woman & The Flash

It's a tease for the ages. Where are our heroes, and what are they looking at? You can almost see the Kapow!

Live By Night Releases New Images That Show Off Style

Get a quick look at some of the setting and style of Affleck's latest effort.

The Accountant Review – Affleck Buoys A Flawed Construction But Only So Much

There's so much potential here that it's worth watching just to see that in action, but it mostly falls short of what it claims it will deliver. That's not just bad in general, but a certain waste of a great effort by Affleck.

The Accountant Images Oddly More Revealing Than Trailer

Get some new insights into what happens with the plot of one of the most anticipated films coming your way.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Review: The Everything And Nothing Of Superheroes

This one finds a way to bore and insult just about everyone, but it isn't too concerned with your dislike, because it's quite a bit smarter than you.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Infographic Gives Everything You Need To Know

Everything you need to know about Batman v Superman... sort of, in one infographic.

RU? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Ep. 119 – Gone Girl, The Equalizer, & The Boxtrolls

Gone Girl managed to give us one of our biggest differences in ratings. It also proved to be a great introduction of our rating styles, for those who don’t want to go back and listen to our show where we explain how we come up with ratings. As far as the gap between our take on the film, it seemed to come down to an interesting play on what we would each do with the same set of very particul...

RU? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Ep. 29 – Argo

A more solid movie than many may expect, Argo proves Affleck knows his game. A few hiccups don't prevent this one from stepping forward as one of the year's best.

The Town Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Review And Giveaway

It may seem to a lot of people that an Ultimate Edition is a bit premature for a film like The Town, especially considering that the Blu-Ray was pretty loaded already. See the review of the original Blu-Ray release here. This one adds quite a few new tricks though, and fans of the film will want to check this one out. Of course, there may be some gnashing of teeth involved considering they probabl...

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