Bob Balaban

Condor Review

Condor is a TV series brave enough to ask whether or not a 40-year-old Sydney Pollack/Robert Redford classic should be ten hours longer. Much like Westworld, the answer to that question is a resoundin...

9 Amazing

Isle Of Dogs Animated Cast Interviews Are Pure Joy

Wes Anderson works his magic on film promos as well and the result is a fantastic set of interviews with... the dogs.

Bob Balaban Webseries Approach The Bench Hits

Another cool webseries, Approach the Bench claims a short run, but offers up some cool laughs.

The Monuments Men Review

It's slightly better than the rating it deserves, but this one meanders, and doesn't pay enough attention to its characters. It's too in love with its own story, and suffers from the delusion that bec...

Matt Damon Gets More Time In New The Monuments Men Trailer

The new trailer adds some meat to the package, and shows off parts of a more serious side to The Monuments Men.

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