Bryce Dallas Howard

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Skims Goofy Plot And Showcases Action

The latest in the Jurassic World franchise is certainly pretty, and filled with action, but it doesn't seem to care if you believe there's a plot.

Gold movie

Gold Movie Review – McConaughey Delivers In A Film That Can’t Match Him

McConaughey's latest is a strange mix of reality and fiction that doesn't seem sure of why it's bothering to tell you the story in the first place. Laced with pseudo-motivations that are abandoned, or...

3.5 Bad
Pete's Dragon Blu-Ray release

Pete’s Dragon Hits Blu-Ray, Digital, And On Demand Nov. 29th

Pete's Dragon is one that younger audiences are sure to treasure, and watch again and again.

Jurassic World Trailer 2 Finally Gives Us Some Character

Jurassic World is closer than you think, and the film is finally letting out some detail with the new trailer.

The Help Movie Review

A solid performer, and an engaging bit of entertainment, this is one that you wish would have pushed harder.

The Village – Movie Review – I See Boring People

In Whit Stilman’s Barcelona (a movie I love, but can’t quite call ‘great’), Chris Eigeman’s character wonders about sub-text. To paraphrase – Everyone’s always talking about the sub-text, he say...

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