Get Out Movie Review

There are several films in play with Jordan Peele‘s Get Out, and while that’s an admirable endeavor, much of what happens diverts focus from some other priority. Horror films are a tricky breed at the best of times, but mixing your sub-genres rarely works, and when you throw in a fierce dedication to social commentary, it isn’t hard to imagine that some part of the effort is goin...

Enough Said Blu-Ray Review

A charming effort that shows off the talents of the stars, and the writer, in a way that apparently only indie films can these days, Enough Said is one that you have to make sure to catch.

The Croods Blu-Ray Hits On October 1st With Belt Plush, Digital on Sept. 15

Jump into the past on Blu-Ray October 1st and Digital Sept. 15th as The Croods come home.

Cyrus Movie Review – SXSW

There’s something about John C. Reilly that is truly amazing. No matter what he’s in, even if you don’t expect to like it, or it’s something outside your genre norms, he gets you on board. You may not wind up completely won over, but you’re suddenly rooting for the film. Cyrus has this quality as its main redeeming feature. The new film by the indie sensation Duplass ...

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