Colm Meaney

Will TV Review – TNT Rocks The Bard

Will gets moving pretty quickly and then keeps to a furious pace, which is all to the good as the dialog and charm of its star drag you along.

9 Amazing

Magnolia Will Bring You Alan Partridge In 2014

Magnolia takes rights to North American distribution of Steve Coogan comedy.

Official U.S. Bel Ami Poster Hits

You’ve probably heard of Bel Ami, in fact, long ago, but the official U.S. poster is new, despite your being able to see the film relatively soon. The new, “skinny theory” poster is ...

The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain – Movie Review

There are some stories that seem incredibly simple, if you boil them down as far as they go, which are actually very complicated. “She loved him”, is pretty simple on its face, but it is, ...

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