Beauty And The Beast Review (2017)

The danger of a live-action version of an animated classic that has won over fans for more than 25 years doesn’t just come in the form of cold cynicism with respect to the “cash grab” of the effort, but is far more importantly a matter of said fans not really knowing what they want out of the production. It doesn’t seem that anyone could say that they’d like a shot-by...

Legion TV Review

There are occasionally shows that come along that get so many points for difficulty that it almost doesn’t matter how much splash they make entering the water. A lot of series probably have delusions of existing in such a sphere of complexity, but they haven’t seen Legion. The adapted story of a Marvel character that virtually no one knows, Legion spends a lot of its establishment time...

Beauty And The Beast Trailer Breaks One-Day Viewing Record

You can't deny the power of Disney, even when it's just the trailer.

Beauty And The Beast Teaser Trailer Sucks You In… Really Just With Voices

You're in for a treat, but you have a long wait ahead, and this teaser doesn't give you a lot to work with.

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