Donal Logue

Gotham Introduces Scarecrow With Julian Sands

Gotham is doing everything it can to keep things interesting, and if that means throwing villains at you in droves, so be it.

Gotham Review – TV FOX

Gotham isn't the best series of the new year, but it's probably the most fun, and it has a lot more going for it than you'd guess. It's smarter than even it seems, and it has an honesty of effort that...

Gotham Introduces Its Villains – Teaser Spot And Preview Images

Gotham is going to keep teasing you along, and a new villain promo is a great push to try to get you invested.

Donal Logue Lands Role On Law & Order: SVU, Show Instantly 5000% Cooler

Boom. Donal Logue. Now you can watch part of SVU again... I guess.

Vikings Season 2 Preview And Review

The second season of Vikings blasts into new life, and delivers just as strongly as the first.

Sons Of Anarchy Season Six Review – Too Much To Juggle, Or Pure Awesome

SOA is a show that is a hard sell at this point, but fans don't have to worry about things falling apart... not yet anyway.

Donal Logue Talks Vikings, Copper, And Sons Of Anarchy… Well, Mostly Not Actually

Get to know Donal Logue, and his thoughts on Vikings, Copper, and Sons of Anarchy... sort of.

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