Edward Norton

Isle Of Dogs Animated Cast Interviews Are Pure Joy

Wes Anderson works his magic on film promos as well and the result is a fantastic set of interviews with... the dogs.

Birdman Movie Michael Keaton

Birdman Trailer Has Michael Keaton Going An Awesome Kind Of Crazy

Birdman is going to give you a Michael Keaton that you haven't seen before, as we apparently spin through insanity with a former superhero who can't get away from the character he used to play.

Moonrise Kingdom Movie Review

Moonrise Kingdom is a good, and extremely well made, movie. I do feel it didn't quite live up to its full potential, but it's still a great movie (one of the best of the year) that easily deserves you...

Moonrise Kingdom Releases Awesome Vintage Photo

I hope you have May 25th marked on your calendar, because that’s the day you may well have the most fun you’re going to have at the theater all year. Moonrise Kingdom, the new film directe...

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