APB TV Review

A show about an arrogant billionaire who decides he can take over the Chicago police force is likely to turn a few viewers off, and even if the premise alone isn’t a problem, there isn’t much that stands out at first glance. It looks a little corny really, with super tasers and drones leading the fight on crime. It would be bad enough to throw a billionaire at the problem, but APB look...

The Exorcist Review – FOX Offers Fall’s Most Surprising Show

The Exorcist might be a show that many wrote off as soon as they heard the name, but this is without question the surprise of the season, and almost bizarrely fun.

Pitch Review – TV – FOX Is Gambling Big, But It Looks To Be A Good Bet

There's a lot to keep your eye on in Pitch, and even if it's hard to imagine what comes next, you'll want to keep tuning in.

Lethal Weapon Review – TV – FOX Heads To The Recycle Bin, Possibly Finds Gold

A lot of people might have trouble going into this one without expectations skewing their view, but it's a lot of fun, and has miles of potential.

Son Of Zorn Review – TV – Can FOX Keep Selling Bonkers Shows? Looks Like

Just when you thought TV couldn't get any crazier, Son of Zorn comes along almost as if to just take you up on that bet. Luckily, it's pretty funny, but it's hard to tell if it can get people to stick around.

Houdini And Doyle Review – FOX Mixes Winning Elements Into Unlikely Star

If there's any chance you'll like Houdini and Doyle, it's a safe bet that you will. If you aren't drawn to it, there may be no hope of selling to you.

2015-2016 Fall Schedule NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX – With Complete Picks & Previews

The full schedule with trailers, picks, and all the info for Fall - ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC.

The Grinder Aims For Legal Meta-Show… Sort Of On Fox – Preview

FOX is taking a shot at legal comedy with The Grinder.

FOX And John Stamos Bringing Grandfathered This Fall – Preview

John Stamos returns to television as a grandfather with no time to prepare for the label in FOX's Grandfathered.

FOX Finally Gives Up On American Idol After One Last Year

The King is (almost) dead. An icon of television is finally on the way out as American Idol will only get one more season.

Weird Loners Review – TV FOX

Weird Loners is actually a lot of fun, but it doesn't have a great hook. In ten episodes you may really love it, but it kicks off with a real question mark when it comes to convincing you to get that far.

The Last Man On Earth Review – TV FOX

After SNL and Nebraska, I'm willing to give Will Forte a lot of room, and I appreciate the complexity of the comedic effort here, but unless the spin that won't connect for at least a couple of episodes is a real slam dunk, this one doesn't offer up enough along the way to make it worth waiting to find out.

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