Hilary Swank Joins FX Drama ‘Trust’ 

FX's Trust is getting better and better, and you don't want to write off the story of this family without giving it a serious look.

Taboo TV Review – FX Lets Hardy Loose And Delivers

You only need to watch about 90 seconds of Taboo to realize that it obviously has Peaky Blinders‘ Steven Knight behind it. Give it another five minutes and it’s hard to keep from expecting Cillian Murphy to walk around a corner. For that show’s cult following, the sell is probably over with the trailer. If grimy period pieces that serve as showcases for the costume department and...

The League’s Katie Aselton Sticks With FX And Joins Legion

FX has a knack for producing rabid fans, and while their shows may not have the highest ratings (though some of them do actually), you don’t want to learn there’s a fan of The League in the room if the conversation is going the wrong way. In the spirit of putting forward your best effort to win a fanbase before a show even exists, FX‘s fantasy league darling, Katie Aselton, has j...

FX’s Taboo Releases Bizarre, Gritty Trailer

Tom Hardy is on the move right now, and since FX‘s Taboo is currently set to “probably” air in 2017, it’s a good idea to burn the show into people’s brains while we’re all hot for Hardy. The show looks for all the world like the cinematic offspring of the combined well of recent “dark and creepy” efforts, and that’s at least partially because i...

American Horror Story Freak Show Review – FX TV

American Horror Story Freak Show isn't quite as stupid as Coven, which was unwatchable, but it seems to be hoping to get there. It isn't even on par with a bad horror film, but if you're looking for something as a guilty pleasure to talk about, and are willing to admit you watch it, there's fun in here.

FX’s Justified Adds Sam Elliott And Garret Dillahunt For Final Season

Justified continues its trend of getting help from great actors for multi-episode arcs with Sam Elliott and Garret Dillahunt.

Partners Review – FX Tries For Legal Odd Couple Throwback Sit-Com

Partners is worth giving a shot, even if it doesn't seem to fit on FX, and mostly because of the show it has the potential to be as we approach the end of the first season. If it makes it that far, things could gel, but the series kicks off trying to be a variety of styles, and it needs to pick something and run with it.

Married Review – FX Tries For No-Filter Comedy

Married is a pretty hilarious show, but one that asks a lot of the audience, and in a variety of ways. You can't just recommend this to anyone, because they'll watch it and look at you funny. It's possible that it isn't pushing the boundaries as much as it thinks it is, but it's giving it one hell of a go.

The Bridge Review Season 2 – FX Drama Switches Gears

The Bridge doesn't get out of the gates well for its second season, but viewers probably shouldn't let that turn them... yet. The elements are there, and Demian Bicher is still strong, but it feels like a rush to get somewhere, without really knowing where exactly.

FX Orders Denis Leary Series Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll

Denis Leary is back with a new show, and this one has the comedian playing an aging, virtually unknown rock star trying to make it big.

Fargo Finale Caps Off Series Brilliantly… Mostly

Fargo, almost unbelievably, wraps up well and delivers an end that fans will love... but I want something to be different.

Fargo TV Review

FX keeps them coming with Fargo, a show that by rights should become everyone's new favorite.

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