Girls Season 6 DVD Giveaway

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Spring 2016’s TV Hits Under The Microscope

Ever since the likes of The Sopranos, there’s been a succession of big-budget TV shows that have aimed to become the latest hits of streaming technology.

Joan Rivers Bashes Lena Dunham Again Because Fat Women Should Hide, Forgets She’s A Troll Herself

Joan Rivers is apparently still clueless as to her hate-watch status, but she doesn't like fat women, so chew on that.

Girls Gets A Season 2 Trailer – What Happens When You Break Up With A Sociopath And More

A quick glimpse of the new season, but one that actually gives you a fair amount of information.

HBO Girls TV Review

HBO‘s Girls is a tricky venture, and one of the few series to come out of HBO in a while that has everyone talking, but isn’t likely to get renewed after one episode. Written, directed, an...

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