Roseanne Returning With Most Of The Original Cast Already On Board

The revival wheel keeps on spinning, and it's starting to get interesting.

Kong: Skull Island Movie Review

Despite complaints about the seemingly never-ending line-up of reboots, reworks, sequels, and otherwise unoriginal ideas, each year’s release schedule seems to have more of them, not less. If this didn’t cause enough problems on its own, there’s only so much to redo, which means we’re going to get movies based on things that, though people may know them, were never really i...

Patriots Day Trailer Offers Mark Wahlberg As Focal Point

Mark Wahlberg adds a slice of humanity to the drama and heartache of a trailer we probably don't especially want to see.

Are You Screening? Podcast Ep. 176 – 10 Cloverfield & Worst Of The Year Lists

10 Cloverfield Lane didn't impress... and the worst movies of the year didn't either...

Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets First Look Images Are Throwback Wild

Is there a chance for this big budget comic that few people know? The film isn't giving you much to go on, but there are finally images.

10 Cloverfield Lane Review – The Non-Sequel You Have To See?

The parts don't make for a worthwhile whole, despite the fact that a lot of them are great parts.

RU? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Ep. 93 – The Monuments Men Review

The Monuments Men didn't quite hit us the way we expected, but it's still a worthy night's entertainment for anyone who was at all interested in the first place.

The Monuments Men Review

It's slightly better than the rating it deserves, but this one meanders, and doesn't pay enough attention to its characters. It's too in love with its own story, and suffers from the delusion that because it wants your outrage, it deserves to be called good.

Monsters University Blu-Ray Hits Oct. 29, Digital on Oct. 8

Pixar is loading its home release again, this time Monsters University shows up in October with some cool bonuses.

You Don’t Know Jack Movie Review

I’ve always rather admired Barry Levinson as a director, even during my dislike of certain films. Whether you had iconic classics (Diner, The Natural, or Rain Man), or disasters (Toys, Envy), or something in the middle, his movies have always been teetering on the edge. They are generally in the “just crazy enough to work” category, but sometimes they don’t. Whether ultimat...

Monsters, Inc. Blu-Ray DVD Review

Your favorite monsters are back, and the Monsters, Inc. Blu-Ray release is one you’ve got to pick up. Loaded with some great special features, this is a nice package well worth the price, and fans will love getting the film in gorgeous high definition. The 4-disc release comes with all new special features, the original DVD release bonuses, standard DVD copy of the film, and a digital copy D...

Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing And Charm School… Whew

Randall Miller has been floating around the entertainment industry for a couple of decades now, making good on the fact that he is Rhea Perlman’s cousin. Though he has several credits at this point, they mainly amount to acting as – Ice Cream Attendant – or directing Houseguest, take your pick as to which of those you want to steal from him. But early in his efforts he managed to write and direct ...

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