Beauty And The Beast Review (2017)

The danger of a live-action version of an animated classic that has won over fans for more than 25 years doesn’t just come in the form of cold cynicism with respect to the “cash grab” of the effort, but is far more importantly a matter of said fans not really knowing what they want out of the production. It doesn’t seem that anyone could say that they’d like a shot-by...

Final Beauty And The Beast Trailer Hints At Double Down On Park Investments

The last Beauty and the Beast trailer is one that will blow your mind, offering up far more than your average glimpse at a film.

Angry Birds Movie Review – Lack Of App Story Translates As Expected

You can't really blame anyone for taking a shot at a cash grab based on the App's popularity, but this one ends up an odd "no story in, no story out" effort.

Beauty And The Beast Teaser Trailer Sucks You In… Really Just With Voices

You're in for a treat, but you have a long wait ahead, and this teaser doesn't give you a lot to work with.

New, Extended The Angry Birds Movie Trailer Shows Sneaky Pigs And Bird Launcher

The Angry Birds Movie may have had your eyes rolling when it was first announced, and the first few glimpses may not have done much to alleviate any concerns, but the new trailer lays out the story pretty well (and has slingshots!). We finally get the full lay of the egg-stealing Pig, sling-shotted Bird land, and though the trying to make silk from sow’s ear realm of video game adaptations h...

The Comedians Review – TV FX – The Office Reinvents Abbot & Costello

The Comedians may find that it is too clever for its own good, but having a home on FX will probably help. It's one of the funniest shows I've seen in ages, but you may have to be a bigger fan of Crystal than Gad to get everything out of it.

Wish I Was Here Trailer Tells You Little, Except That Zach Braff Finds Himself Very Interesting

Wish I Was Here finally has a trailer. Now it just needs a decent synopsis... actually, it probably doesn't matter.

FX Brings Billy Crystal Back To TV With ‘The Comedians’ Order

With executive producers/writers Larry Charles, Matt Nix, Ben Wexler, and Billy Crystal, FX‘s new sit-com order for The Comedians should be about the closest thing television has to a slam dunk. Add Josh Gad to the cast, and build it off of something we already know is a pretty solid format, and it looks like FX has the next great show locked up. Having just announced a 13-episode order base...

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