Kathy Bates

‘Misery’ And ‘Into The Night’ Get Collector’s Edition Releases In November

Your chance to grab a couple of great films with some special new bonuses is right around the corner.

Bad Santa 2 Green Band Trailer Isn’t A Lot Less Raunchy Actually

Bad Santa 2 goes Green Band, which must have been hard to put together.

American Horror Story Freak Show Review

American Horror Story Freak Show Review – FX TV

American Horror Story Freak Show isn't quite as stupid as Coven, which was unwatchable, but it seems to be hoping to get there. It isn't even on par with a bad horror film, but if you're looking for s...

American Horror Story Coven Review – Super Mean Girls?

A bizarre misstep, AHS has taken its concentration on character and the bizarre, and opted instead for the hopelessly goofy.

Harry’s Law TV Review

Harry’s Law, which according to the website apparently now has the tagline, “Go ahead. Make her case,” premiered Monday on NBC, and it’s been tough trying to follow the ratings...

Cheri – DVD Review – Win Yours Here

The tawdry lives of the wealthy and more or less pointless is the sort of thing that people find it difficult to really fix a stance on. Most everyone, when push comes to shove, finds themselves on bo...

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