Ken Watanabe

Isle Of Dogs Animated Cast Interviews Are Pure Joy

Wes Anderson works his magic on film promos as well and the result is a fantastic set of interviews with... the dogs.

Second Godzilla Trailer Expands On The Wreckage

New Godzilla Trailer piles on the carnage and reveals the monster... a bit, but it doesn't give us a lot to put together beyond the general big monster story.

Inception Blu-Ray Review

I may not have liked Inception quite as much as a lot of people, but I have to admit (as I have been known to say frequently) I would rather see people try to do something great and fail (or not quite...

The Last Samurai – Movie Review

The main problem with The Last Samurai is not that the plot is almost exactly the same as both Dances with Wolves and Shogun, but that it assumes you’ve seen both those movies, and can’t seem to decid...

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