Amy’s Baking Company Return Finally Hits April 11 On Kitchen Nightmares

Amy's Baking Company is back on Kitchen Nightmares, but viewers were likely hoping for a more direct confrontation.

Kitchen Nightmares Schedules Next Internet Firestorm For 9:01 PM EST Feb. 28th

Facebook is gearing up for the flaming that is sure to ensue as Ramsay returns to Amy's Baking Company.

Kitchen Nightmares’ Amy’s Baking Company Goes Off Deep End, Called Most Epic Internet Meltdown Ever

It's the internet meltdown to check out, and it's brought to you by a guy just trying to help out, or whatever.

Gordon Ramsay Talks About The Return Of Kitchen Nightmares

One of my favorite shows, Kitchen Nightmares, is back, and Gordon Ramsay had a few minutes to chat about the show recently. From the first time I got to catch some episodes of the British version on BBC America, I’ve been fascinated by the cultural/societal exposition inherent in Kitchen Nightmares (which is rather similar in that respect to Supernanny), and the American version only brings ...

Watch Kitchen Nightmares! That Is Seriously A Command. Donkey.

I hate to be in the position of recommending shows people are actually watching. My lot, as I see it, is more along the lines of recommending things no one knows about, and trashing anything with high ratings. But, the season premiere of Kitchen Nightmares (which, to be fair, was a revisit episode) didn’t do as well as last season. Now, it still had over 5 million viewers, but that puts it third f...

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