Laurence Fishburne

Last Flag Flying Releases Poster As Somber And Uninviting As Its Premise

Last Flag Flying is Richard Linklater's next film and it may test your ability to sign on for a depressing premise.

Hannibal Season One Hits Sept. 24 – With Interesting Bonuses

A creepy enough show on its own, the release looks to offer some very cool bonuses as well.

Contagion Blu-Ray Review And Giveaway

Contagion hit the scene with quite a splash, and there was a time when everyone was talking about it. Somehow, it managed a short-lived fascination, and became more like the odd cold people wanted to ...

Contagion Movie Review – Another Perspective

Thanks to services such as those offered by direct TV and Netflix, people are enjoying new movies at home almost immediately after the movies leave the theaters. While in the past we all had to wait f...

Contagion Movie Review

For the germophobes and OCD among us, it’s a nightmare scenario. A super-strain of some mutated virus turns lethal, making those microscopic organisms constantly surrounding us more than a mere ...

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