Legion TV Review

There are occasionally shows that come along that get so many points for difficulty that it almost doesn’t matter how much splash they make entering the water. A lot of series probably have delusions of existing in such a sphere of complexity, but they haven’t seen Legion. The adapted story of a Marvel character that virtually no one knows, Legion spends a lot of its establishment time...

The League’s Katie Aselton Sticks With FX And Joins Legion

FX has a knack for producing rabid fans, and while their shows may not have the highest ratings (though some of them do actually), you don’t want to learn there’s a fan of The League in the room if the conversation is going the wrong way. In the spirit of putting forward your best effort to win a fanbase before a show even exists, FX‘s fantasy league darling, Katie Aselton, has j...

Dominion Review – Syfy Offers Up Wacky/Serious TV Option

Syfy's Dominion is mostly a lost opportunity that hasn't managed to gel all of its components into a whole that makes a lot of sense, or delivers all of the entertainment value a guilty pleasure needs. Still, it has some fun, and if you're of a mind to tune in, you shouldn't be too disappointed.

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