Lena Dunham

Girls Season 6 DVD Giveaway

Grab your copy of Girls Season Six right here!

Girls Season 4 HBO

Girls Season 4 Digital Release Review

Girls slightly reinvents itself again, leaving season four an almost unrecognizable shift from the show's pilot. Armed with some experience, and a lot of poor decisions behind them, the show is better...

Joan Rivers Bashes Lena Dunham Again Because Fat Women Should Hide, Forgets She’s A Troll Herself

Joan Rivers is apparently still clueless as to her hate-watch status, but she doesn't like fat women, so chew on that.

Late Night With Seth Meyers Announces Guests For Premiere Week

Seth Meyers lets you in on who you can tune in to see during premiere week.

Girls Gets A Season 2 Trailer – What Happens When You Break Up With A Sociopath And More

A quick glimpse of the new season, but one that actually gives you a fair amount of information.

HBO Girls TV Review

HBO‘s Girls is a tricky venture, and one of the few series to come out of HBO in a while that has everyone talking, but isn’t likely to get renewed after one episode. Written, directed, an...

HBO’s Girls Gets A Poster – Also Check The Trailer And Some Info

Squarely in the category of “things about to air that you haven’t heard nearly enough about” is HBO‘s Girls. It looks to be quite the clever piece of fun, and premieres April 1...

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