Mads Mikkelsen

At Eternity's Gate - Willem Dafoe

At Eternity’s Gate Trailer And Premiere Red Carpet Images

Willem Dafoe has had a career any actor would envy, but now he’s taken on a challenge that would have those same actors shying away from the possibilities, playing Vincent van Gogh. Of course, p...

Doctor Strange Review - Benedict Cumberbatch

Doctor Strange Review – Cumberbatch Soars In A Largely Lazy Story

What should have been a thoughtful, yet wild ride is a mishandled misfire, that nevertheless includes a lot of fun moments. It had the potential to be among the best Marvel efforts, and instead is one...

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story movie

Hannibal Season One Hits Sept. 24 – With Interesting Bonuses

A creepy enough show on its own, the release looks to offer some very cool bonuses as well.

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