Morgan Freeman

Going in Style movie

Are You Screening? Podcast #210 – Going In Style

Going in Style didn't exactly win us over, but it was a fair bit of entertainment and it's always a treat to watch these guys.

Ben-Hur Trailer

Ben-Hur Trailer Paints An Odd Picture Of Film’s Own Relevance

The remake chariot keeps on rolling, but this one really makes you wonder why.

‘London Has Fallen’ Releases New Clips

London Has Fallen is hitting next weekend, and if you aren’t excited enough for the mayhem and wild action, the film has released some new clips. Gerard Butler has to save the world from the los...

Lucy Review - Scarlett Johansson

RU? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Ep. 114 – Lucy Review

Lucy has a fun opening, and an interesting premise, which is how the pitch sold, but it doesn't come together, and goes pretty silly in the end.

Transcendence Trailer Will Mess With Your Mind

Johnny Depp is about to take over the world, or whatever, and this wild sci-fi movie may be a surprise gem.

Last Vegas New Trailer Keeps Selling The Crew

The new Last Vegas trailer keeps selling the names, but lets you in on a bit more of the complexity, which it needed to do.

Oblivion Trailer

An odd trailer, and one that doesn't exactly make Tom Cruise look great (IMHO), Oblivion manages to look pretty fun anyway.

Unforgiven 20th Anniversary Blu-Ray Book Edition Review And Giveaway

The Unforgiven 20th Anniversary Blu-Ray Book Edition is a curious test case for those who scrutinize film releases. These are the sorts of releases that often find people turning up their noses, cryin...

RED Movie Review

The combined resumes of the cast of RED is staggeringly impressive, and having Bruce Willis lead a crew not particularly known for lighter fare drives the feel and flavor of a film that might easily h...

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