Movie Review

The Voices Movie

The Voices – Movie Review

The Voices will test your watching ability, and certainly your rating criteria. The question to ask is perhaps how well a film manages to become exactly what it was setting out to be. If that's where ...

The Grand Budapest Hotel Movie

RU? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Ep. 99 – Divergent & The Grand Budapest Hotel

Divergent was better than we expected, even if it wasn’t what we thought we were getting from the trailer, but The Grand Budapest Hotel blew us away. We actually go on quite a bit more about Div...

RU? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Ep. 93 – The Monuments Men Review

The Monuments Men didn't quite hit us the way we expected, but it's still a worthy night's entertainment for anyone who was at all interested in the first place.

The Monuments Men Review

It's slightly better than the rating it deserves, but this one meanders, and doesn't pay enough attention to its characters. It's too in love with its own story, and suffers from the delusion that bec...

RU? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Ep. 70 – Kick-Ass 2 Review

There was a lot to love and franchise fans shouldn't be disappointed, but there was a lot to dislike as well, largely the easy changes that would have made it on par with the first.

RU? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Ep. 69 – Elysium Review, Planes, And Percy Jackson

A group that didn't wow us, but that we recommend anyway. A lot of fun available in theaters, but they just missed the mark.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Review

A great ride, for what it is, that's surprisingly entertaining. If you don't end up liking it, you should have known better than to watch it in the first place.

RU? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Ep. 41 – Django Unchained And Not Really Promised Land

We had so much fun with Django that we couldn't even get to the other movie. Definitely a film you have to see.

Killing Them Softly Movie Review

Killing Them Softly, in the guise of a gangster flick, chronicles the crumbling and rotting of American culture from within. If you can stomach its heavy-handed packaging, there's a lot to love about ...

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