Natascha McElhone


Designated Survivor Review – TV – Kiefer Sutherland Is After A New Spin On Saving The Day

ABC has a shot with Sutherland leading the cast, and as long as it doesn't try to keep running past characters, it should work itself into a hit.

Mr. Church movie

Mr. Church Review – Eddie Murphy And Bruce Beresford Are A Team You Wish Met Long Ago

Eddie Murphy takes over Mr. Church, and it will make you long for dozens of films he never made. It's a simple story, with flaws, but it's worth the trip.

Solaris – George Clooney Is Naked In This Film!

Once we determine that a story is really trying to be serious, we immediately have to ask ourselves if we have a story that’s looking at answers, or a story that’s looking at questions.  Answers (espe...

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