Disney Planes Video Game Announced – Exclusive To Nintendo Systems Plus Bonus Character Posters

Possibly a nice addition to the flying game genre hits with Disney's Planes for Nintendo systems.

Brave Video Game Gets Gameplay Trailers

The video game tie-ins to animated films are often rather disappointing as far as I’m concerned, but there are new trailers for the Brave video game that make it look like there may be something worth hoping for. Of course, the movie lends itself well to the adventure format, and gives us an easy road to shooting arrows while moving along on our quest. Still, I think gamers will be able to r...

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective Preview

Coming to you from Shu Takumi, creator of the Ace Attorney series, is a new adventure for the DS, Ghost Trick Phantom Detective. I wanted to put out a quick preview, just to get this game on your radar, partially because the Ace Attorney series is an icon at this point, but also because the game looks rather cool. Utilizing a variety of unique gameplay ideas, this one puts you in the role of the r...

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