Oscar Isaac

At Eternity's Gate - Willem Dafoe

At Eternity’s Gate Trailer And Premiere Red Carpet Images

Willem Dafoe has had a career any actor would envy, but now he’s taken on a challenge that would have those same actors shying away from the possibilities, playing Vincent van Gogh. Of course, p...

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review – Spinning Wheels In Space

The Last Jedi is often fun and great to look at, but you can't think about it and that's a shame. There's too much that's built around the easiest, and most boring, choices.

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Annihilation Trailer Is As Wild As You’d Expect Post- Ex Machina

Annihilation looks like the sort of film that will grab Ex Machina fans, while pulling in a lot of new ones as well.

Annihilation Trailer Is Swimming In All The Alex Garland Madness You Could Want

Annihilation is going to take over the first part of the year. At least, if this trailer can be believed.

X-Men: Apocalypse New Trailer Showcases Broad Base Of Mutants

More X-Men, but woefully less Rogue, who might be hard to work into the story and still have a movie. Ah well.

Ex Machina Finally Releases Obligatory A.I. Scare Tactics Trailer

Ex Machina now wants to make sure that you're a little freaked out about A.I.

Ex Machina Releases Uncomfortably Sexy Poster

Ex Machina is gearing up for a big release, and hopefully this one can draw the crowds it deserves. A new poster may help.

Ex Machina Trailer Is The Coolest Thing In Years, Nevermind The Film

The Ex Machina Trailer hopes to blow your mind, or at least convince you something awesome is going on, and it certainly delivers on selling a tease that will you get you in theaters.

A Most Violent Year Debuts Deceptively Calm Poster

A Most Violent Year is on track to the best movie not getting nearly enough attention this December, and the poster has been released.

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