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Doctor Strange Review - Benedict Cumberbatch

Doctor Strange Review – Cumberbatch Soars In A Largely Lazy Story

What should have been a thoughtful, yet wild ride is a mishandled misfire, that nevertheless includes a lot of fun moments. It had the potential to be among the best Marvel efforts, and instead is one...

Doctor Strange movie

Doctor Strange Trailer Details Massively Origin Story Effort By Marvel

According to the trailer, Doctor Strange really is pretty strange... and awesome.

Nicholas Sparks Limited Edition DVD Collection Review And Giveaway

The Nicholas Sparks Limited Edition DVD Collection is another of those set releases that is the best and worst of all possible worlds. Serious fans are going to be happy to get collectible postcards, ...

Trailer For Richard Curtis’ About Time Will Have You Trying To Buy Tickets

If you only go gooey over one film coming this fall, make it this one.

Morning Glory Movie Review

Harrison Ford‘s character (Mike Pomeroy) in Morning Glory is a veteran newsman who despises “Morning News Shows,” and his viewpoint is difficult to reconcile with the idea of watchin...

Sherlock Holmes DVD Review – Live Community Screening April 1st 9:00 PM EST

Sherlock Holmes is a frustrating character for fans of the original works, and mainly because most everything about the character is lost in translation. What usually remains is only a smug genius who...

The Time Traveler’s Wife Blu-Ray Review – Win Yours Here

I’ve long been of the opinion that the general move toward filming every book that gains a certain amount of momentum is one of the main things killing the cinematic world. Not all books should ...

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