Kong: Skull Island Movie Review

Despite complaints about the seemingly never-ending line-up of reboots, reworks, sequels, and otherwise unoriginal ideas, each year’s release schedule seems to have more of them, not less. If this didn’t cause enough problems on its own, there’s only so much to redo, which means we’re going to get movies based on things that, though people may know them, were never really i...

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Review – Burton Manages Mediocre

Burton falls victim to his own niche, if he actually has one, abandoning substance for "quirky for its own sake" visuals.

Tim Burton Designs Snapchat Filters For Miss Peregrine’s. Get Them Today!

You don't have long to pick up these filters, so get going!

Kingsman: The Secret Service Trailer Hits With New Music

Matthew Vaughn's latest, Kingsman: The Secret Service, has a new trailer, and Colin Firth looks brilliant.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer Hits But Shows Off Little

The new Captain America trailer packs a punch, but doesn't exactly share a lot of plot details.

RoboCop Trailer – Not Your Father’s Police Cyborg Film

A rare trailer that makes what seemed like an unnecessary reboot look pretty interesting.

The Other Guys Movie Review

The Adam McKay – Will Ferrell collection will eventually sell a lot of DVDs (or mindchips, or whatever), and The Other Guys is going to occupy interesting territory in that set. It has its difficulties, but it’s definitely the most approachable, and funniest film in the set so far, but I’m not convinced those purchasing the set will think so. Though still rather on the screwy sid...

The Spirit – Movie Review

Scarlett Johansson is really hot. There was a point at which I was very seriously considering letting my review rest right there.  There isn’t anything else that’s really worthy of note about The Spirit, except in the negative, and the film is so bad it hardly seemed worth bothering.  Not only that, it’s bad (oddly) in such a dull way that it doesn’t even lend itself to the...

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