TNT Adds Sean Astin To ‘The Alienist’ – The Most Interesting Show Headed Your Way

One of the brightest spots in the upcoming schedule just got even better.

Sean Astin, Paul Reiser Join Netflix Smash ‘Stranger Things’

Can we get more excited for the return of Stranger Things?

Mom’s Night Out Trailer Hints At More Than Meets The Eye

Sean Astin and Patricia Heaton lead the cast in this pseudo-misfit adventure which find a group of moms just wanting to get away from everyone.

The Goonies 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Review

A classic treasure of camptastic fun, and the kind of film that somehow stays fresh in the hearts of millions who will never say die, The Goonies is out on Blu-Ray and Standard DVD in a 25th Anniversary Collection that should not be missed. Filled mainly with bonuses that aren't on the disc, this box set is loaded with treats, and the film is as fun for the target age group as it ever was, and loo...

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