Steven Soderbergh

Side Effects New Trailer Delivers Tension… And Some Quotes

The trailer has more suspense than most films. Can the movie deliver?

Magic Mike Blu-Ray Review

The king of "only for guilty pleasure purposes" but with a mass of positive chatter surrounding it, this one takes expecting nothing to heights.

Contagion Movie Review

For the germophobes and OCD among us, it’s a nightmare scenario. A super-strain of some mutated virus turns lethal, making those microscopic organisms constantly surrounding us more than a mere ...

The Informant! DVD Review – Win Yours Here

You may be familiar with the true story of Mark Whitacre, and that may detract from The Informant!‘s potential on several fronts. First, you may be inclined to avoid a film that details the even...

Best Movies Of The Decade – The 00’s Part II

  28. Pumpkin Director – Anthony Abrams, Adam Larson Broder A perfectly worked story by hyperbole, which is impossibly difficult. A new standard in the possibilities of filmcraft that is eq...

Solaris – George Clooney Is Naked In This Film!

Once we determine that a story is really trying to be serious, we immediately have to ask ourselves if we have a story that’s looking at answers, or a story that’s looking at questions.  Answers (espe...

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