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Are You Screening Podcast – Ready Player One Review – Win The Blu-Ray

Ready Player One may have pulled some of the life out of the novel, but that doesn't mean it didn't spark conversation.

Ready Player One Review

Ready Player One is a far better film for those who haven't seen the movie, though it is still the sort of engaging you'd expect from Spielberg. Those who are already fans will find a lot missing, not...

8 Great

The Post Review – Award Paint-By-Numbers Is No Masterpiece

Even stacking the deck won't always work, and there's far too little meat involved in The Post, and far too much effort at steering the zeitgeist. What should have been one of the year's best falls fl...

7 Good

Ready Player One Trailer Has Internet Bamboozled Over “Easter Eggs”

It's hard not to be excited for Ready Player One, especially with Spielberg and this cast, but stop calling them easter eggs.

Minority Report Review – TV FOX

Minority Report is a show that is up in the air until you see where it wants to take itself, but it'll hook you, and that's more than most can claim. It's potentially a 10, but it's one that could qui...

Lincoln Movie Review

Lincoln is an engaging, deftly made film chronicling an important part of Abraham Lincoln's legacy.

RU? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Ep. 35 – Lincoln Review

It's odd to rate something this... medium, and still recommend it very highly, but this is a curious construction that still wins out in the end.

Hugo Movie Review

I’m sure they exist, but it’s almost unfathomable to imagine a cinephile who does not count themselves as a fan of the work of Martin Scorsese. Out of the group of directors who came into ...

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