Syfy “Cancels” Helix After Second Season

No more Helix for Syfy, but is that really a surprise with so final a season finale?

Sling TV Adding A+E Networks By End Of March

Sling TV continues to grow, now with channels from A+E Networks.

World’s Funniest Fails Returns Tonight And Includes “Didn’t Die” Feature

Catch a glimpse of the FAILs coming your way on World's Funniest Fails

Marvel’s Agent Carter Gets A Sneak Peek

Marvel's Agent Carter is coming soon, and you can finally get a look at this new spin on what a comic series can look like.

Syfy’s 12 Monkeys Trailer Will Lock You In

If the trailer for Syfy's 12 Monkeys doesn't get you excited to tune in, nothing ever will.

Kevin Connolly to Star in Matthew Berry Fantasy Football Comedy at Fox

Kevin Connolly is attached to star in the office comedy as Mitch, a regular guy who lands his ultimate dream job working in the fantasy sports department at a major sports network. Tim McAuliffe (Bad Teacher, Satisfaction, The Office, Up All Night) will pen the script and executive produce alongside Connolly

Gotham Review – TV FOX

Gotham isn't the best series of the new year, but it's probably the most fun, and it has a lot more going for it than you'd guess. It's smarter than even it seems, and it has an honesty of effort that is surprising, just because network television is what it is.

Reckless Review – CBS Explores Insult TV So Popular On Other Networks

Reckless, a rare, completely garbage offering from CBS, is apparently by, for, and about people who have never watched television before. It's off-day soap opera material delivered by people whose list of positives (that we care about) begin and end with the fact that they are simply fantastic looking.

Dominion Review – Syfy Offers Up Wacky/Serious TV Option

Syfy's Dominion is mostly a lost opportunity that hasn't managed to gel all of its components into a whole that makes a lot of sense, or delivers all of the entertainment value a guilty pleasure needs. Still, it has some fun, and if you're of a mind to tune in, you shouldn't be too disappointed.

Mystery Girls TV Review – ABC Family

Mystery Girls is train wreck television at its worst, without even a valid entry point for disliking it from the proper angle. It's so convinced that any audience tuning in is even more stupid than its main character that it doesn't bother (one must assume) with second takes, rewrites, and possibly even directors.

History’s Vikings Announces New Cast Members For Season Three

Vikings is stacking the deck again, and there are some really interesting cast additions happening.

Scholastic Media Launching The Magic School Bus 360° As Netflix Original Series In 2016

The Magic School Bus is coming back, this time as a show on Netflix, and you aren't going to want to miss it.

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