Kong: Skull Island Movie Review

Despite complaints about the seemingly never-ending line-up of reboots, reworks, sequels, and otherwise unoriginal ideas, each year’s release schedule seems to have more of them, not less. If this didn’t cause enough problems on its own, there’s only so much to redo, which means we’re going to get movies based on things that, though people may know them, were never really i...

Crimson Peak Trailer – Tom Hiddleston Is Super Creepy

Guillermo del Toro's new film has ghosts, secrets, a spooky house, and Tom Hiddelston acting creepy. What more could you want?

Thor: The Dark World Blu-Ray Review Plus Cast Interview Bites

A solid enough action vehicle, Thor: The Dark World doesn't exactly hold up under the weight of wanting a decent story. That may not deter anyone from a night of entertainment, and the home release is solid enough to make it worthwhile.

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