Vera Farmiga

Boundaries Trailer Sets Up Star-Studded, Magical Family Dissection

Shana Feste is a writer/director who (assuming you pay any attention to who writes and directs your entertainment) has to make you wonder about how films come together, and Boundaries does nothing to ...

The Judge Trailer Will Pull You Into The Theater

The Judge is coming your way, and you really need to make sure you get a look at the trailer for this one.

The Conjuring Blu-Ray Giveaway – Plus 5 Things To Know!

Take home The Conjuring on Blu-Ray right here. Plus, catch some cool gifs and facts.

Bates Motel TV Review

Young Norman has it rough, and you get to follow along. Interested?

Goats Movie Review

This is probably going to come off as a little harsh, but Goats is an instantly dispensable movie.

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