The Lego Batman Movie Releases Surprisingly Informative Images

There's a lot to explore in a gaggle of new and revealing images from the film.

New The Lego Batman Movie Image Shows Off Batmobile… And BatFrigate?

So many vehicles... well, Lego Batman can have just about anything, I guess.

New Lego Movie Images Paint An Interesting Picture

The Lego Movie wants to share some of the fun with you. These images have an odd flavor to them.

The Nut Job Trailer Lays Out Solid-Looking Plan

Animated features are finally taking on more genre efforts, and the heist entrant, The Nut Job has a great trailer.

The Nut Job: New Trailer And Poster Hit

The new trailer is full of gags, but is it selling the movie well, and is there a more serious side to the caper adventure?

Welcome To The Family, Ironside Axed By NBC, CBS Pick-Ups

The cuts have started, but there's good news as well, as the new season rolls along.

Running Wilde TV Review

Rarely have I seen a show that seemed to have so much potential on paper, while at the same time managing to convince me that so little of that potential will ultimately be realized. The outline of Running Wilde may not exactly jump out at me – the wacky love-interest angle between the rich, spoiled son of an oil tycoon, and the (let’s face it) laughably liberal girl who got away when ...

When In Rome Blu-Ray Review And Giveaway

Even the most bizarre plot theories can work out sometimes, and there was a point during When in Rome that I really, and much to my surprise, had some hope for the film. A bit of magic, a very likable Kristen Bell, and a supporting cast of truly funny actors, can easily make for an entertaining, if light, rom-com that delivers solid entertainment. It can also turn into an unwatchable mess, and tho...

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