Better Off Ted – The Complete First Season

When I first reviewed the ABC comedy Better Off Ted, I was already a big fan, but I was rather nervous. I was nervous because it seemed like the kind of show that might run out of steam around the fifth episode, and while the cast was great, it wasn’t obvious how much long-term ability the writers could manage with the concept. The satirical attack on global corporate domination was filled with clever gags and fun characters, but the real laughs might dry up given the dynamics of the situation.

In a sense the whole thing is somewhat comparable to Hogan’s Heroes, a fun and funny classic. That show delivered for quite a while, but when it becomes familiar and the laughs slow down, you might get a chance to think too much. Then you realize the show might as well be called, Those Zany Nazis, and then things are a bit uncomfortable.

My fears were left behind me shortly into the show’s run… well, my fears in that area anyway. I was still a bit nervous that it was a spring series on ABC.

After quite some time when it was very tough to predict how things were going, the show was finally given the go ahead, and the new season is starting December 8th.

The comedy never slowed, and the show still managed to pull in a lot of character development for the main five: Ted, cold face of corporate America Veronica (Portia de Rossi), love interest Linda (Andrea Anders), and our two nerdy research scientists Phil (Jonathan Slavin) and Lem (Malcolm Barrett). The show doesn’t settle for simply going after the ridiculous mindset of the corporate entity and its unethical efforts (or crazy ones, like weaponized pumpkins), but also spends much of its time exploring the bizarre relationships of coworkers generally. And, it throws in a few curveballs, like secret fight clubs, when you least expect it.

Make sure to check my review for more details on the show, and don’t miss my ScreenTime interview with Ted aka Jay Harrington.

You’ve got time to catch up if you’ve missed what is one of the best shows on television, because the first season DVD is now available. All 13 episodes are included on the 2-disc set, but it is without even a single special feature. It’s still worth it.

Own it on DVD today!

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