Yamaha PDX-60 iPhone/iPod Speaker Dock

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Yamaha. All opinions are 100% mine.

iTunes, iPods, and my iPhone have really taken over many aspects of my life, and the fact that my wife also has an iPhone doesn’t help that situation at all. It turns out, somewhat to my surprise honestly, that some product in the general category of the Yamaha PDX-60 is an absolute must for me now. That’s not a shock to anyone as a general idea, iPod/iPhone docks are everywhere, and you can fine countless versions with a variety of options.

What’s surprising for me is the complete transition. Having worked in a record store for several years, and as a general lover of music, I have too many CDs to count. I have a very nice receiver system with a 400-disc CD changer. But now, I don’t even have any sort of stereo actually hooked up in my home.

iTunes and our iPhones rule everything, and now all my music and more is in my pocket, nevermind my CD changer. It’s in the car with me working as my stereo there, and when it isn’t being used for music (well… or a phone), I’m playing games, or watching TV shows I put on it with Tivo or iTunes. (I confess to never having watched a movie on my phone yet, but I would consider it cheating)

The result of all this is that I wouldn’t really know what to do with a home stereo (my TV has its own setup, don’t worry about that) unless it was simply for plugging in my iPhone. Of course, this is pretty common, it’s only the transition that stands out to me. Based on the number of docking possibilities I’ve seen, many people are looking for them. I even have one actually, an under-cabinet model in my kitchen, but it’s pre-iPhone days.

With all the options available, the Yamaha PDX-60 has a lot of things to recommend it, especially for me. The best is yAired technology, which lets you keep your iPhone or iPod in your hand while taking advantage of the speaker system. This adds a great deal of convenience for anyone of course, but for me (home office), I want the speakers to work and my iPhone in my hand. Better yet, the cradle lets your iPhone/iPod for hands-free use as well. Plus, the cradle works as a charger as well, so not only will you never run out of battery during operation, but the speaker dock charges as well, so you can charge two iPhones at once. That’s a huge bonus for me.

Solid sound quality, perfect audio/video synchronization, incredible convenience, four color options (black, blue, grey, and pink), and a card-type remote for docked operation makes this a really great product.

Docking stations are great, and I’m sure the docked option would get a lot of use for a lot of people as well, but my iPhone is my hand all day long, and this provides all the features I’m looking for to expand its use.

Easy to Use

  • Speaker can be placed in any out-of-the-way location
  • Easy operation (auto power on/off and volume control sync)
  • Transmitter unit is small enough that you can carry the iPod/iPhone around and talk on the iPhone with the transmitter attached
  • Cradle for setting the iPod/iPhone on a table, etc.
  • iPod charges from both speaker and cradle
  • Card-type remote unit for convenient iPod operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Four color variations to match your iPod and room

High Sound Quality

  • Uses lossless (uncompressed) signal transmission to achieve wireless sound quality
  • Strong, rich and dynamic bass sound
  • Perfect synchronization between sound and video when watching movies on your iPhone or iPod

What is “yAired”?

“yAired” is a Yamaha original wireless technology that offers many benefits, such as:

  • Simple, convenient operation – unlike bluetooth products, no pairing is needed
  • Wireless operation – Remote control from an iPod / iPhone, with auto power on and volume control
  • Enjoy superior sound quality – uncompressed wireless audio transmission (linear PCM)
  • Real-time communication – Audio and Video synchronization



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