Make It Or Break It DVD Review

ABC Family really seems to have a winner on their hands with Make It or Break It, and as odd as it may sound, there are some good reasons for that. Yes, this is a somewhat strange teen-drama show that follows the lives of gymnasts who are gunning for gold medals at Olympics that are a couple of years away, and that limits your target market quite a bit. It even has the teen story necessity “new girl” in the group. It also has the mandatory bitch member of the crew. And yet, there’s something about this show.

Lauren, Kaylie, and Payson have been the top three girls at their incredibly fab gym for quite a while, but the show kicks off by throwing a wrench into the works. A wrench named Emily. Emily is on scholarship, so that we can get that whole haves vs. have-nots action going, and Lauren is not happy to see anyone new show up. This is probably because Lauren is most likely to fall out of the running when it comes time to pick the three girls who are going to Nationals.

Of course, to make matters more interesting we also follow the lives of these young athletes entire families. From the very wealthy father of spoiled Lauren, to the middle-class parents of Payson who don’t know what to make of their extremely competitive daughter.

From gym rules about dating, to coaches indiscretions with parents, to actually trying to train, there are always ten things to focus on, and it looks like the life of an Olympic-level gymnast isn’t as simple as you thought.

It’s a curiously addictive show, and the vol.1 DVD jump starts things with the first ten episodes and some nice special features. This is obviously not a huge production package, so it isn’t filled to bursting with extras, but it makes an effort.

How far will they go to achieve their ultimate dream? Experience the rivalry and romance of four teenage girls on their path to Olympic gold in the original ABC Family series that has fans and critics cheering all across the nation. “You’ll flip for…Make It Or Break It,” raves David Hinkley of the New York Daily News. Who will rank #1 at Nationals and what will it take to get there? Viewers will flip for this engaging series chronicling the triumphs and heartbreaks as close friends balance their lives as high school students with the intense world of competitive gymnastics. Fans can relive the series that raises the bar on family drama, complete with a never-before-seen extended episode, and go behind the scenes to discover what it takes to perform such amazing stunts—only on DVD!
Bonus Features
• Never-Before-Seen Extended Finale
• Making It—Watch How These Stars Balance Acting With Difficult Stunts
• Deleted Scenes
The extended finale adds a bit, and fans are going to like it, and the Stunt featurette is a lot of fun. It’s hard to call this a must-own, but if you have any interest in the show at all, it’s worth checking out.

Own it on DVD today!

It has been announced, by the way, that the show has been renewed.


Featurette: Stunt Doubles

Featurette: Casting

Going to a Party

Finding Marty

The Vault

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