Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection Hitting September 7th

Grab a seat Potter fans, because you’re mind is about to explode. On September 7th, you are going to have the chance to buy one of the most… well, most home video releases you’ve ever seen. The Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection is coming. Now, you’ve seen me cover the Ultimate Edition releases of the films, and they have been pretty spectacular, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. 31 Discs with everything previously released, and five new hours of material. And, all for the nominal sum of $499.99. It’s a limited and numbered collection, so you may as well just camp out now. Check out all the details below. Let me hear your thoughts on this one as well. I mean, it looks awfully slick. Is it on your wishlist? What more could you wish for in a set? Or, do you just own all the Ultimate Editions already?

Warner Home Video Debuts Monumental Box Set for Devoted Harry Potter Fans


New Limited and Numbered Collection Is Largest Ever for Warner Bros.

31-Disc Collection Features All Previously Released Content Plus 5 Hours of Never-Before-Seen Exclusive Material

Boasts All Eight Movies in Blu-ray™ and DVD – All disc versions feature UltraViolet Digital Copy

Presented in Gorgeous Giftbox Packaging with Eight Must-Have Pieces of Collectible Movie Memorabilia That Can’t be Found Anywhere Else

Available September 7 from Warner Home Video


The magical film franchise that enchanted Muggles around the world is now available in a spectacular limited-edition collectible box set. The most comprehensive Harry Potter movie collection yet, the Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection, featuring all eight films, exclusive never-before-seen content and must-have memorabilia, will be available on September 7 from Warner Home Video. This new limited and numbered 31-disc collection contains all eight Harry Potter movies on Blu-ray, DVD and UltraViolet Digital Copy and more than 37 hours of special features including all previously released materials and more than 10 hours of new to disc bonus content, and 5 hours of never-before-seen material. Witches and wizards that think they’ve seen everything will marvel at the all-new special features including the final two “Creating the World of Harry Potter” features titled “Story” and “Growing Up”. Many other, yet to be revealed, exciting features, are also included. The Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection will also allow fans to conjure up every available version of all eight films. In addition to the theatrical release of every film, the collection also includes the extended versions of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets; and the 3D versions of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows –- Parts 1 and 2. Beautifully packaged in a stunning gift box measuring 12-3/4” x 10-9/16” x 11-1/4” and weighing 19 lbs, the Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection is the largest collection ever released by Warner Bros. and contains eight artistic and authentic film memorabilia that are essential for anyone who has ever dreamt of being accepted to Hogwarts. The collectibles are exclusive to the set, and each item along with the rest of the contents of this epic collection will be revealed to anxious fans in an online campaign on www.harrypotter.com beginning today.

Films Included in Collection – All on Blu-ray, DVD and UltraViolet Digital Copy

Special Features for Hours of Entertainment   · Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection Bonus Disc o Nearly 4 hours of features including: § All New! “The Harry Potters You Never Met” – Watch how thrilling stunts from the films were performed, and learn about the tricks behind the major stunts in the series. § Additional features to be revealed on www.harrypotter.com. · Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 Bonus Disc o Over 2 hours of features including: § All New! “Creating the World of Harry Potter, Pt. 7: Story” § And many more to be revealed on www.harrypotter.com.   · Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 Bonus Disc o Over 4 hours of features including: § All New! “Creating the World of Harry Potter, Pt. 8: Growing Up” § All New! Extended “A Conversation with JK Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe” – with 15 minutes of new footage § And many more to be revealed on www.harrypotter.com.   · Exclusive Premiums o Exclusive memorabilia including a Map of Hogwarts, concept art prints, catalogs of props and posters, all designed by the graphic designers from the films will be revealed in detail on www.harrypotter.com.   ULTRAVIOLET™ DIGITAL COPY Warner Bros. is taking Digital Copy to a whole new level. The Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection UltraViolet Digital Copy includes a Standard Definition Digital Copy of all 8 Harry Potter main feature films. Special features not included. Limited Time Offer. Restrictions and limitations apply. Go to ultraviolet.flixster.com/info for details.     RU?

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