Deliverance 40th Anniversary Blu-Ray Book Review And Giveaway

Though many films have made their mark on modern culture, few have risen to the iconic status of Deliverance inasmuch as the movie practically has its own persona that ought to have its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The 1972 classic about four businessmen trying to take on the wilderness (including Ned Beatty, of all the “weekend warrior” possibilities) and finding themselves in way over their heads, is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a special Blu-Ray Book release.

It probably serves little purpose to sing the film’s praises at this point, but it remains a primer on building tension, and delivering well-constructed characters as the central force in pulling audiences into a situation.

The Blu-Ray Book format is becoming more popular, and as a general rule, I don’t get much out of them. In this case, I’m somewhat torn. The Book itself is a pretty solid treat for fans. Coming in at just about standard size (42 pages), you get a good spread for those who have solidified the love for this film over the last few decades. And, it’s a film that lends itself well to such a treatment. From images of the location, to behind-the-scenes shots of legendary actors, and the always present “insights” into the filming, Deliverance makes for a complimentary book that adds a lot of value.

The drawback here is that there is really only one new special feature. Of course, it’s a pretty good one. The new featurette is a look back with the cast, as the stars sound off now about their experiences during filming, and the cultural behemoth the film grew into over the years. It’s even better than it sounds, depending on your particular bent.


Overall, this one is just a little bit tough. Judging it in a vacuum, I have to rate this very high. The film looks amazing on Blu-Ray, though it isn’t the best you’re going to run into, and the total package of bonus features add up to a nice set. Any fan of the film will clearly see this as a must-own. But, there are those who may be inclined to take this down a bit, because the film has already been released on Blu-Ray, and with almost all the same bonuses. Still, this is definitely one to pick up, with the only warning being for those who already have it.

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Deliverance, the 1972 Oscar®-nominated film considered one of the screen’s most powerful man vs. nature adventures, celebrates its 40th Anniversary June 26 with a Blu-ray Book from Warner Home Video (WHV).

Jon Voight (Transformers, Mission:Impossible), Burt Reynolds (The Longest Yard, Boogie Nights) starred; Ned Beatty (Rampart, Rango) and Ronny Cox (Starter Wife, Desperate Housewives) co-starred, with John Boorman directing from a screenplay which James Dickey adapted from his novel. The film was nominated for three Academy Awards® (1972) including Best Picture, Directing and Film Editing.

Deliverance will now be offered in premium Blu-ray book packaging, including a new featurette and a 42-page commemorative book with behind-the-scenes photos and rare insights.

The story of four “weekend warriors” who set off in canoes down a dangerous Georgia river and discover a wilderness of terror and survival, Deliverance builds the tension and fear to a raging climax, as the men travel way beyond their comfort zone and are forced to face more than they could have ever imagined. Vilmos Zsigmond’s expert cinematography captures the wilderness of forest and river.

Special Features

  • Deliverance: The Cast Remembers New!
  • Commentary by John Boorman
  • Deliverance: Betraying The River
  • Deliverance: The Journey
  • Deliverance: The Beginning
  • Deliverance: Delivered
  • The Dangerous World of Deliverance
  • Theatrical Trailer

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