New Bunheads Sneak Peek Plus Caption Images

There’s more Bunheads coming your way, and I have to say (and I don’t especially want to) that this show is delivering in ways I didn’t expect. Leave it to the tweens favorite network to make something happen with a group of teenage ballet hopefuls, an ex-Showgirl, and mom from Gilmore Girls.

It’s as if the network itself took its lessons from Make It Or Break It, dealt with what worked, and actually tried to tweak the missteps. This show’s a lot of fun, given the proper perspective, and there’s something about a show aimed squarely at younger audiences that still feels it’s ok to have a brain (and act as though your audience may as well) that makes me happy, even if I happen to land miles outside the target demographic.

Take a look at a quick sneak, and check out some cool quote graphics the show put together.



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