5 Best Movie Apps You Shouldn’t Overlook

When choosing a new smartphone, or entering the smartphone market for the first time, the less tech savvy often choose whichever offers the best deals on contract phones, but even for those that roll their eyes at the massive App market, it’s important to consider which options offer which Apps, and what’s really out there.

Everyone knows about the biggest App options, but, from a movie (and App) lover’s perspective, if you don’t know what’s out there, you can’t take full advantage of your phone.

These Apps aren’t the ones that you’re going to use to watch movies (or TV shows), not directly anyway. You can find all those pretty easily, and the biggest ones are difficult to avoid knowing about. These are the ones that do a little more work, or are fun, or offer something different movie fans.



This one has been around a while, but it’s a must have for the serious movie fan. I won’t even go into great detail about it (because I’ll give you the video), but the main purpose is obviously to let you know when you can run out of the theater for a couple minutes without missing anything vital. More than that, it will give you a summary of what you will miss so that you can jump right back in, and it tells you if you should stick around for any bonus bits when the credits roll.



What’s the Movie?

This is a very new entry. So new actually, that it’s probably going to need to develop more of a user base in order to get some updates, etc., before it really becomes a big name, but so far it’s a lot of fun. It’s a game that is very similar to SongPop, except what you’re trying to guess are movies. Like SongPop, there are various lists that are available to purchase, either by eventually earning enough tickets, or buy making use of the in-app purchase.

You can invite friends to play via email, Facebook, etc., and then start a game. As I say, if you know SongPop, you know what you’re in store for here. What movie fan isn’t looking for a way to show off their movie knowledge?



Fayve isn’t exactly brand new, but it’s one that a lot of people look to frequently. Connect your Facebook and Netflix, and this one will figure out what to recommend to you based on things you’ve liked and watched. The design is slick, and you have a lot of options for how to narrow your search.

Sometimes, the best thing you can get out of the ability to have tons of info at your fingertips is a good way to sort through it.


Hit the lights and topple headfirst into a bottomless library of TV and movie content. The Fayve iPad app introduces you to new TV and film content based on your unique tastes. Fayve makes the hunt for TV and films a snap by compiling content from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Redbox, YouTube, Crackle, iTunes, and Fandango into one lively hub.

With Fayve you can:

  • Get introduced to content that suits your tastes and likes.
  • Filter movies and TV shows by content provider.
  • Browse recommendations by genre.
  • Learn what your friends are watching and peruse the shows and movies they like.
  • Rate what you watch and share your favorite content with friends.
  • Find ratings, plus access trailers for thousands of movies.

Whether you’re figuring out what flick best accompanies that Friday night pizza, passing time on a bus commute, or indulging in a weekend stay-cation, Fayve puts an end to so-so movie nights and mediocre rerun marathons.



Fanhattan, which is a rather odd name really, is a service that connects you to everything you can possibly watch, all in one App. It’s great to be able to watch so many things, in an almost unbelievable number of ways, but that creates a lot of clutter and confusion, and you don’t necessarily know when and where some things are available. Well, Fanhattan solves all the problems related to finding content, and knowing what your options are.

The App revolves around the titles, not the places. Just search around the App, find the TV shows and movies you want to watch, and add them to your Watchlist, and/or become a fan of the show. Fanhattan will let you know where you can watch it. Whether it’s on Netflix Instant, Amazon, or any of the many network Apps, iTunes, or anywhere else. And, when you want to watch it, just click it right from the Fanhattan App, and you’re there.

Fanhattan is also available on the web, but unless you’ve already signed up through the App, you’re going to have to wait for an invite. Enter your email address and wait. If you have the App, just log in and you’re good to go right away.



This is one that has actually been around for quite a while, and while there are now several “check in” apps available, this is still my favorite. That’s the basic idea behind this one, checking in to what you’re watching. Leave a comment, connect to Facebook and Twitter, become a fan, and if you do it right, earn stickers. See what people are saying as you watch, and join in the conversation.

This one also has a web option, and now has the ability to let you browse a guide of what’s on, which will showcase things you’ve liked and watched, along with recommendations.


Below you can access these Apps in the handy widget.



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