RU? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Ep. 58 – The Great Gatsby & Star Trek Into Darkness

This week we had to pull double duty, and what an odd mix it turned out to be. We covered The Great Gatsby and Star Trek Into Darkness, and just to rid you of any suspense, we didn’t like either of them.

The Great Gatsby has already gotten a wide mix of reviews, though most people seem to love it or hate it, and we’re adding ourselves to the pile that… well, are really pretty irritated by it. Gatsby wasn’t Gatsby, and frankly, the movie seems to have been made by people who either didn’t read, or didn’t understand the book. Of course, I’ve already put out my review of Gatsby, so you can check that out if you want the longer story.

We didn’t really get much out of Star Trek Into Darkness either, and I was actually a little surprised by that. Shane, I think, was just about none surprised, but I enjoyed the first effort somewhat, and had heard good things.

Unfortunately, it turns out that what we get a slick-looking roller coaster with a story by those who think one of the chief selling points of any story is that nothing make any sense.

I suppose we had a good time with things at least. Shane, in case your interested, really has a lot to say about Star Trek, and it isn’t all lens flares either.


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Marc Eastman
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