RU? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Ep. 60 – After Earth Review

We went back a couple of weeks for After Earth, and ultimately had a strange experience with it. Here’s one where you’ll really have to check out the show to get any feel for what we thought, but ultimately it just had so many things wrong with it that there was no handhold to grab.

Jaden Smith, we agreed, was simply awful. Passable in a few scenes, maybe, but overall the acting was downright off-putting. Even if you can put that aside, which is a tough job, the film has a slew of odd choices that it make it a difficult watch. The curiosities of technology alone are too many to count.

The decision we came to was that the movie just isn’t actually for adults. With a few tweaks this would be a fairly solid young adult feature, but given the fact that what we’re setting out to do isn’t necessarily aimed at the younger crowd, everything falls apart.

Will Smith is pretty enjoyable, but despite what some may tell you, it’s hard to take anything positive away from that fact alone.

It’s one to miss, but our show isn’t. Plus, Shane is going to give you a rundown on the insertion of Scientology, and we’ll both discuss how that led to the “do whatever you have to” film craft that followed.

After Earth Review

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After Earth Review

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‘After Earth’ Review: Will Smith and son hard to watch in bland, predictable film

After Earth’ Review: Will Smith and son hard to watch in bland, predictable film. By Justin Craig. Published May 31, 2013. Will Smith has become the master of saving the world during summer blockbuster season and it almost seemed – almost 


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