So in this game of Bravely Default, you may be wondering, “If there are a whopping 24 jobs in this game, how might one get more of them?” So I will answer the question you may or may not be wondering.

In the beginning of the game, you have one class; Freelancer. A Freelancer is the jack-of-all trades class. They can learn helpful dungeoneering skills, and are pretty good with whatever weapon you can give them. They learn stuff like Examine, giving you the ability to look at how much health an enemy has (even works on bosses), what element, if any, they are weak to, and what family they are in (might have miscellaneous effects). The other classes you get by killing most bosses. I will list the class, then the name of the boss, and what the class specializes in. This will be in the order they show up on the job menu.



Class Boss Specialization
Freelancer N/A Dungeon Skills, other stuff
Monk Barras the Monk Using Knuckles, physical attacks
White Mage Holly Whyte Staves, Healing Allies
Black Mage Ominas Crowe Rods, Hurting Enemies with Magic
Knight Argent Heinkel Swords/Shields, Protecting Allies
Thief The Jackal Taking things from enemies
Merchant Erutus Profiteur Using money in battle
Spell Fencer Ciffma Khint Enchanting weapons
Time Mage King Khamer VIII Slow enemies, speed allies
Ranger Artemia Venus Bonus damage based on family
Summoner Mephilia Venus Summoning creatures
Valkyrie Einheria Venus Damage using extra BP
Red Mage Fiore DeRosa Uses Black or White Magic

The other classes will be in the order I “met” the person who carries the asterisk, as I don’t have the class yet, or there are spaces between that class and the other classes. They might not be complete.

Dark Knight Alternis Dim Sacrifice HP for power
Arcanist Victoria F. Stein Powerful magic
Spiritmaster Victor S. Court Powerful white magic
Swordmaster Nobutsana Kamiizumi ???
Pirate Hayreddin Barbarossa Decrease Enemy Stats
Salve-Maker Qada Making potions for many uses
Performer Praline a la Mode Increase ally stats
Ninja Konoe Kikyo ???
Templar ??? ???
Vampire ??? Drains HP from enemies
Conjurer ??? ???

These are the classes I know of, plus any ones I missed I got from the official site.

Bravely DefaultSo, this adds up to many possible parties, with 4 characters that each can be any of the classes for which you have the corresponding asterisk. The asterisks are just little things you get from most bosses. There are 32 bosses, and 23 of them have asterisks. Each asterisk you get gives you a class.

The boss wielding the asterisk uses some of the abilities from the class. Like Heinkel will use Knight abilities, and Barbarossa will use Pirate abilities. Now, if you change into a class, there are levels within the class. There are two different level types; normal level, and job level. If you get a normal level up, your strength, HP, and MP will increase. With each job level up, you get either a new usable ability, or a support ability. Usable abilities can be used in battle, while support abilities cannot. Each support ability has a cost. Each character has a total cost. The support cost cannot exceed the total cost for each character, but each character can have different support abilities.

In the game, you have to free all 4 crystals from darkness. Each crystal also has a boss. (I know that’s only a total of 27 bosses.) If you defeat a crystal’s boss, the total cost for a character goes up by one. You start with 1, so by the end of the game you will have a total cost of 5.

The abilities usable in battle might need MP. You have a certain amount of MP. You can recover MP in the following ways; using an ether or turbo ether, going to an inn (where you fully recover HP and MP), or maybe a certain ability. The ability might also use BP. Every action you take uses 1 BP (unless it’s a certain ability, that uses more than 1).

You gain 1 BP after each turn. If you have negative BP, you can’t do anything. You start each battle with 0 BP (unless it says right before the fight “Allies each get 1 BP”). There is an action called “Default” that you can use. If you do that, defense rises, and you don’t use a BP, so that you’ll have an extra BP to use the next turn. Then you can “Brave” which lets you act twice in the same turn, you can Brave up to 3 times per turn, so that you can attack 4 times in one turn, and have a fresh 0 at the beginning of the next turn.

Bravely Default 3DS

I have never played a game with so much interaction with real time, and the 3DS’s sleep mode. For every 8 hours the system is in Sleep Mode, you get a Sleep Point(SP). In battle, you can push START. This will activate “Bravely Second” a mode in which you can stop time and do whatever. If you brave in Bravely Second, it will cost an extra SP. SP are like BP, as you can’t activate Bravely Second if you have negative SP.

If you have 0 SP, you can put yourself in negative, but Bravely Second can’t be activated if you have negative SP. Also, one of the characters is from a town called Norende (Nor-end-a) the town is destroyed and that character is the only survivor. It is up to you to rebuild Norende. You have a certain amount of citizens, or people helping you. You get another one for each time you Streetpass somebody. You can assign these citizens tasks to do, like building buildings, upgrading buildings, or clearing a path to more space to use. Also, once a day, you can use “Net Friend Invites” which you can use to gather more citizens and nemeses. A nemesis is a boss that will come to your Norende that you can fight. When you tap on the nemesis, you will see a recomended level. This is the level that the game recommends that you be before fighting the boss. The Net Friend Invites recharges at midnight, so you can use it at night, and then use it again the next morning.

Let’s get a better look at the Bravely Default classes (that I’ve used so far).

Bravely Default 3DS

Freelancer: The jack-of-all-trades class. They have rank B strength with all weapons. They can do some pretty cool things. Some battle abilities; Examine (letting you see enemy health and weaknesses), Treat (heals a target a little). Some Support abilities; Dungeon Master (you don’t take damage from dungeon traps), Divining Rod (Lets you know how many closed treasure chests there are left).

Monk: Physical powerhouse. Rank S with Staves and Knuckles, but bad with anything else. Their abilities include powerful attacks. Battle abilities include: Strong Strike (2x damage at 1/2 accuracy), Hidden Dragon (deals 1.25x damage, but at the very end of the turn). Support abilities include: Blind Immunity (You cannot be blinded*), Knuckle Lore (Raises strength with Knuckles to S [Does nothing unless you’re a different class]).

White mage: Good healers and defenders. Has strength S with Staves, B with rods. Some White Spells include: Aero (Does wind damage), Cure/Cura/Curaga (heals a small/medium/large amount of health), Esuna (cures all status ailments*). Support abilities include: M. Defense 10% Up (Raises Magic Defense to 110%), Self-Healing (Auto-cure poison*, blind*, and silence* at the end of a battle).

Black Mage: Goes on the offense to attack and cause status ailments. Has strength S with rods, and C with staves. Some Black spells include: Fire/Blizzard/Thunder (Deals a small amount of fire/ice/lightning damage), Drain (steal enemy health). Support abilities include: Abate Fire (don’t take as much damage from fire attacks), Silence Immunity (you cannot be silenced*).

Knight: Goes on both offense and defense to both boost attack and defense. Has S with Sowrds and Shields, and A with axes and spears. Battle abilities include: Stomp (does 1.25x normal damage, but lowers physical and magical defense by 25%.), Ironclad (get your Physical defense to 150%). Support abilities include: 2-handed (double the damage you do if you have a 1-handed weapon in the right hand, and nothing in the left), Shield Lore (Raise shield strength to S [Again, only does anything of your in a class that doesn’t already have shields at S]).

Thief: Steals useful things from enemies. Has strength S with daggers, and A with bows. Battle abilities include: Life Thief (Steal HP from an enemy.), Godspeed Strike ([Uses 2 extra BP] An attack that ignores enemy defense and replace Physical attack with Speed). Support abilities include: Raid (Raise allies BP by 1 if they get first strike or +1 BP at the beginning of a fight[So if they get +1 BP, they would get +2 instead.]), Abate Wind (Wind attacks don’t do as much damage.)

Merchant: Uses coin to recover BP and do damage. Has strength S with spears, staves, and dagggers. Battle abilities include: Takeover (Spend your level times 50 coins, and do that much damage to the enemy.), BP Drink (Buy a BP recovery potion and use it on someone). The one support ability I have so far is: White Knight (The ally with the most HP protects you from a single-target attack if your health is critical.)

Spell Fencer: Enchants his/her weapon with Black magic, releasing the effect on the target. Has strength S with swords. Some more black magic is: Aspir (Drain an enemy’s MP), and Firaga/Blizzaga/Thundaga (Deal lots of fire/ice/lightning damage). Support abilities include: Firewall (you have a chance to counterattack with fire damage if you’re attacked), and Memento (if you die, all non-K.O.ed allies recover 999 MP.)

Time Mage: Messes with time and earth. Is rank S with staves, but bad with anything else. Uses time magic. Some time spells are: Slow/Slowga (slows down one target/one party[all allies or all enemies]), Quake/Quara (deals little/medium earth damage). Some Support Abilities are: Slow Parry (has a chance to use Slow to counterattack), Time Slip (if everyone gets K.O.ed, restart the battle).

Ranger: Is good at adapting to his/her prey. Is rank S with bows and daggers. Uses family-specific attacks. Some Battle abilities are: Targeting (do 1.25x normal damage, and ignore the enemy’s defense bonus if defaulting), Dragon Slayer (do 1.5x damage to a targeted dragon [there are copies of this attack for each family]).

Summoner: Summons powerful creatures to deal damage to all enemies at once. This is a unique class, because you don’t buy the required scrolls, like with other kinds of magic, you must find someone carrying the summon before you can use it. Some summons are: Girtablulu (Deals earth damage to all enemies), Hresvelgr ([I don’t actually know how to pronounce that.] Deals wind damage to all enemies). Support abilities include: Abate Lightning (Don’t take as much damage from lightning attacks), Summoning Amp (Summoning MP cost raises, but so does Summoning damage.).

Valkyrie: Do lots of damage while sacrificing some BP. They are rank S with spears. Some Battle abilities include: Crescent Moon ([Uses 2 BP] Deal damage to all enemies), Judgement ([Uses 3 BP] Deal 3x the damage of a normal attack.). Support abilities include: BP Skill Amp (BP cost of abilities rises by one, but they also do 1.5x damage.), Spear Lore (Spear rank rises to S [Won’t do anything if spears are already S]).

Pirate: They lower opponents stats. They have rank S with axes, and rank A with swords.and shields. Some Battle abilities include: Double Damage (attack once for 2x damage [requires MP]), Provoke (raise chances of being targeted by enemy attacks). I haven’t unlocked any Support abilities with Pirate. 🙁

Performer: These guys will give you a pick-me-up by giving allies stat boosts. They have rank S with rods, staves, and daggers, and are at A with swords. Some Battle abilities are: Love Power (Raise all targets’ physical attack by 25% for 4 turns), 1 more for you (Raise target’s BP by 1). I don’t know any support abilities. 🙁

Red mage: If white mages use white magic and black mages use black magic, should Red mages use red magic? Apparently not, as they can use white and black magic (shouldn’t it be a grey mage then?). Some more white spells are: Poisona (cures poison*), Reflect (creates a barrier that, if the target would get hit by magic, the caster gets hit instead.) They are S with nothing, but are A with swords.

* My next blog entry will have information about status effects, magic, and items.

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