Review Comedy Central Andy Daly
photo credit: Michael Yarish

Comedy Central is launching a new show on March 6th, and it may be your new favorite show. Cleverly titled Review, the show stars Andy Daly as critic Forrest MacNeil. Not just any critic, Forrest reviews life experiences, and he’ll take on any challenge that his viewers care to put before him.

Though some of the “Reviews” start off a little slow, like the ones on stealing and addiction, they take off after a bit of intro, and they’re pretty hilarious. The combination of Daly’s almost deadpan, nerdy character and the variety of challenges is comedy gold.

By the way, as of right now you can check out the full episode – ‘Stealing, Addiction, Prom’ – online.

Just to get you started, check out the clip below that shows you what happens when Forrest takes on the especially bizarre challenge of relating what it’s like to eat 15 pancakes.

This may not be the clip that absolutely highlights the best the show has to offer, but it does give you an interesting glimpse into what’s going on with the show.

You have to wonder what sort of longevity the show has, because… well, can we do everything, and actually make it funny?



Starring Andy Daly (“Eastbound & Down”) as life critic Forrest MacNeil, “Review” follows the atypical reviewer as he goes above and beyond the boring subjects like films, food or art. Forrest reviews life itself: the adrenaline rush of stealing, the dangers of drug addiction, the joys of sleeping with a celebrity, and much more. His unwavering commitment to reviewing any and every experience that his audience suggests often means his work comes at the expense of his family. Throughout the season, Forrest will answer life’s most challenging questions while dealing with the unintended consequences of such a lofty goal. “Review” premieres on Thursday, March 6 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.



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