You may have caught Evian‘s previous ‘Live Young’ videos, which have included ‘Baby & Me,’ ‘Roller Babies,’ and more, but now they’ve got something truly amazing in store for you with The Amazing Baby & Me 2.

This time around, we get a baby version of the web slinger, and a superhero effort at the classic mirror routine.

With all the inevitable tie-ins that will be coming your way as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gets, set to hit on May 2nd, this one is at least a lot of fun. While patrolling the city, our hero catches a glimpse of something in a mirrored window, and finds himself face to face with a baby version of himself who matches his every move. It’s hard to beat the cute factor of a baby Spider-Man, who looks for all the world to be wearing a version of the iconic costume that his Grandmother knit for him.

Here’s one you can really get behind going viral, even if only to break up the monotony of the clips of Rhino and Electro destroying more of a city than can possibly exist with a little levity. Beyond that, the campaign at large is one that pulls you in. Not by way of the overly simplistic “babies are cute,” angle, but because the message actually works, which is rare enough in the case of things that are still ultimately ads. Cynics may question the ‘inner youth’ doctrine, and the tenuous connection to drinking Alpine water, but I like the idea of taking a break from the hectic, workaday routine of fighting crime to recognize that child within.

Give Spider-Man a break from electric bolts and catching cars, and share this one with everyone you know.


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