Pierce Brosnan is up this year for the entry in the older, action gentleman’s club, and the ex-Bond is a spy again. The November Man, if the trailer is to be believed, packs a lot of action into the story, and finds Peter Devereaux (Brosnan) sucked back into his life as a spy so that he can protect a witness. Naturally, part of the problem protecting her is that there may be a mole, and Devereaux doesn’t know who to trust.

This one hits on August 27th, and may be taking a chance there. Certain other movies with similarities to this one have proven they can perform well, but the tail end of summer competition might be fierce.

At any rate, I liked Brosnan as Bond, and he should be able to pull off a great turn here. I am getting a little bored of the generics of the plot synopsis, which apply to way too many movies at this point, but the trailer sells.

Take a look, and let me know what you think. Is this one going to be worth the trip to the theater?


Code named ‘The November Man’, Peter Devereaux (Pierce Brosnan) is a lethal and highly trained ex-CIA agent, who has been enjoying a quiet life in Switzerland. When Devereaux is lured out of retirement for one last mission, he must protect valuable witness, Alice Fournier, (Olga Kurylenko). He soon uncovers this assignment marks him a target of his former friend and CIA protégé David Mason (Luke Bracey). With growing suspicions of a mole in the agency, there is no one Devereaux can trust, no rules and no holds barred.

With a screenplay by Michael Finch & Karl Gajdusek based on Bill Granger’s novel “There are No Spies” from the bestselling November Man book series, THE NOVEMBER MAN is the ultimate cat and mouse game set in the world of international espionage. Directed by Roger Donaldson ( The Bank Job, No Way Out, Thirteen Days), the film is produced by Beau St. Clair of Irish DreamTime and Sriram Das of Das Films.



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