According to The Wrap, because I’m not reading Joan Rivers’ book, the reported funny woman is once again taking a shot at Lena Dunham. While Dunham and her HBO hit Girls certainly aren’t untouchable, Rivers, who is becoming as famous for getting headlines as an ignorant buffoon as she is for anything else, has some bizarre jabs to lob Dunham’s direction. This comes on the heels of more or less the same comments aimed at Dunham during Rivers’ interview with Howard Stern… well, so the story goes, I didn’t listen to it.

The article includes some of Rivers’ comments-

Rivers calls the HBO star the “first fat girl naked on the television,” saying that television viewers watch her show with “their hands over their eyes.” If Dunham is free enough to “have her fat ass on display,” she writes, why isn’t she “free enough to have a f–ing salad once in a while?


You may not be a fan of Dunham personally, or Girls (though if you don’t like Tiny Furniture, you’re a little weird), and feminist organizations may not even be universally open to the idea that Dunham is “doing good,” with the show, but it’s hard to find fault with the general idea that maybe it isn’t only size 0 actresses that should be shown naked… assuming we’re on board with showing anyone naked.

Apparently, considering Rivers’ further statements that Dunham promotes “staying fat and getting diabetes,” or whatever, any women on television who don’t meet the standards when it comes to their weight, should cover the hell up and, one has to assume, be very vocal about the fact that, “Oh my God. I am so trying to lose weight like crazy, and doing everything I can to be a ‘proper’ weight… Don’t look at me!”

This would be bad enough from anyone, and you’d think it would cause one hell of a firestorm if any man said it, no matter who he was, but Joan Rivers has apparently missed the frequent memos that only hate-watchers even know who she is anymore, and her plastic surgery horror story of a face causes nightmares for anyone, never mind the screaming children. Her book apparently goes on to say that, basically, if she has to look at Dunham’s naked body again HBO should be, “charged with crimes against humanity,” and all the while these words are coming out of her face! Yeah, alright, it’s a book… so they aren’t, but just play along.

Wake up troll. It’s time to look around and realize that people only watch anything you’re on for much the same reason that they slow down at car accidents, and because they just can’t get over the fact that you actually go out in public. Well, or because they watch E!, and are fantastically interested in fashion, and… ummm, they’re really, really bright.

“The first fat girl naked on television,” ought to be a label that Dunham wears proudly, except that, Jesus Christ, she isn’t even fat. What are we saying to all the women out there who might be thinking slightly better of themselves, now that we’re telling them that not only, “Oh yes, you’re fat,” but moreover that they are the kind of fat that makes one avert their eyes, and is worthy of pointing out as such?

Then again, I suppose the joke’s on me, because, will the ridiculous comments make any difference to Joan’s bottom line? Of course! Her book will sell twice as well, and she’ll probably get a new contract at E!.


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