Laika (Coraline, ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls) is bringing an insanely-inventive short film, The Alchemist’s Letter, and this is a trailer you have to see. You aren’t going to get that much, but it already looks so good that it will have you begging for more.

Given what we’ve seen come out of the studio, you have to think that there is a great story to offer here as well, and this looks like a short that could expand the abilities and delivery of the medium in much the way that Pixar‘s forced-view effort has.

Get the info below, and check this trailer out.



New Dark Fairy Tale Narrated by Academy Award-Nominated John Hurt Takes Viewers on Richly Inventive Journey Through the Power of a Person’s Memories


Today, Pixel Veil Productions debuted the trailer for its newest short animated film, “The Alchemist’s Letter”, a richly-inventive and visually-stunning dark fairy tale from director Carlos Andre Stevens. Slated for full release in the 2015 festival season, The Alchemist’s Letter features a star-studded cast including Academy Award-nominated John Hurt and up-and-coming young starlet, Eloise Webb.

“When I consider the incredible caliber of talent that collaborated with me on this film, I’m left feeling equal parts blessed and blown away,” said Stevens. “Whether it’s my talented voiceovers John Hurt and Eloise Webb, the magnificent team of artists who crafted the animation, or working with veteran Swedish composer Mikael Sandgren, this has truly been an all-star production and I’m delighted to finally introduce this film to the world.”


PLOT SYNOPSIS:          

When Veridian, an estranged young man, receives his late alchemist father Nicolas’ inheritance (voice of Academy Award® nominated John Hurt), he is exposed to the ill-fated reality that his father built a tumultuous gold-making machine powered by his own memories. The film takes viewers on an enchanted journey through the vessels of the machine in exploration of the contents of the alchemist’s most precious memories, all in an attempt to give Veridian one last life lesson and save his relationship with his daughter (voice of Eloise Webb) from following down the same fateful path.


John Hurt (two-time Academy Award-nominated for his work in The Elephant Man and Midnight Express)

Eloise Webb (most recently playing a title role in Disney’s Cinderella)


The Alchemist’s Letter Trailer

the-alchemists-letter-carriage the-alchemists-letter-daughter-in-boat


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